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NYSC Portal LGA Clearance

NYSC Portal LGA Clearance

The NYSC monthly clearance is a mandatory activity that all corps members must undergo in order to be paid at the end of the month. The clearance is done at the local government secretariat (LGA) where the corps member is posted.

What is NYSC Monthly Clearance?

The NYSC monthly clearance is a process by which the LGA verifies that the corps member has been physically present at their PPA for the entire month. The clearance is done by checking the corps member’s attendance records, as well as their PPA’s letter of confirmation.

Why is NYSC Monthly Clearance Important?

The NYSC monthly clearance is important because it ensures that corps members are actually serving their mandatory one year of national service. The clearance also helps to prevent corps members from absconding from service.

How to Do NYSC Monthly Clearance

To do NYSC monthly clearance, corps members must first go to the LGA secretariat on the first day of the month or any day within the first 10 days of the month. They must then present their NYSC identification card, their PPA’s letter of confirmation, and their attendance records. The LGI will then verify the corps member’s information.

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How to Check NYSC Monthly Clearance on the Portal

Corps members can also check their monthly clearance status on the NYSC portal. To do this, they must first log in to their account and then click on the “LGA Clearance” tab. The portal will then show the corps member’s clearance status for the current and past months.

Requirements for NYSC Documentation

The following documents are required for NYSC monthly clearance:

  • NYSC identification card
  • PPA’s letter of confirmation
  • Attendance records
  • Redeployment approval letter (if applicable)
  • Rejection letter (if applicable)

Can I Do Clearance Without PPA?

Yes, corps members can do clearance without a PPA if they have been rejected, reposted, or redeployed. However, they must first inform the LGI of their situation. If they are dismissed from their PPA, they will need to provide a rejection letter as proof.

Consequences of Missing NYSC Monthly Clearance

Corps members who miss their monthly clearance may not be paid their monthly stipend. They may also be extended for service or face disciplinary action.

FAQs About NYSC Monthly Clearance

What happens if I miss my monthly clearance?

If you miss your monthly clearance, you may not be paid your monthly stipend. You may also be extended for service or face disciplinary action.

When is the deadline for NYSC monthly clearance?

The deadline for NYSC monthly clearance is the 10th day of the month. However, corps members are advised to do their clearance as early as possible.

What if I am not able to do my monthly clearance on the 10th day of the month?

If you are not able to do your monthly clearance on the 10th day of the month, you must inform the LGI as soon as possible. The LGI may allow you to do your clearance at a later date.

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What if I am dismissed from my PPA?

If you are dismissed from your PPA, you must obtain a rejection letter from your PPA. You must then present this letter to the LGI in order to do your clearance.


The NYSC monthly clearance is an important requirement for all corps members. It is important to do your clearance on time and to follow the required procedures. By doing so, you can avoid any problems and ensure that you are paid your monthly stipend.

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