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NYSC portal login dashboard

NYSC portal login dashboard

JAMB regularization is the process of correcting any errors or discrepancies in your JAMB admission record. This may be necessary if you were not admitted through JAMB, if you have changed your course of study, or if there are any other errors in your record.

Why is JAMB Regularization Necessary for NYSC Registration?

JAMB regularization is necessary for NYSC registration because the NYSC only mobilizes graduates whose admissions have been regularized with JAMB. If your JAMB admission has not been regularized, you will not be able to register for NYSC.

Who Needs to Apply for JAMB Regularization?

The following categories of graduates need to apply for JAMB regularization:

  • Graduates who were not admitted through JAMB
  • Graduates who have changed their course of study
  • Graduates who have any other errors in their JAMB admission record

Requirements for JAMB Regularization

he following are the requirements for JAMB regularization:

Documents required:

  • Indemnity Form
  • JAMB Portal Profile
  • Email Address
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Mobile No
  • State and LGA of Origin
  • Transaction ID
  • Year of JAMB Examination
  • Submission of Online Application Form
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Fees required:

A non-refundable regularization fee of N8,500
A bank draft of N2,000 for the Indemnity Form

Steps for Applying for JAMB Regularization

To apply for JAMB regularization, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the JAMB facility website
    Click on Sign up for UTME/DE
  2. Click on Create an account
    Select the blue button to create a JAMB profile account
  3. Enter your email address and details below
    Fill out the form with your correct email address, phone number and security answers.
  4. Click on the Ok button
    Select the Ok button on the email verification page
  5. Click on the JAMB message sent to your mailbox
    Open your Gmail app to see your JAMB profile code
  6. Click on the JAMB link inside the message from JAMB
    Select “Click here to continue your Profile Creation”
  7. Enter your personal details
    Type your first, second and middle name. Select your gender.
  8. Select Date of Birth
    Enter your correct date of birth
  9. Enter your phone number and place of origin
    Type your phone number, nationality and state of origin
  10. Enter your Password
    Type a password that you can never forget. Then click on Sign Up
  11. Proceed to Login
    Your account creation is successful
  12. Login to your account
    Enter your email address and password
  13. JAMB profile Dashboard
    You will be able to access your JAMB profile
  14. Click on Regularize Admission
    Select the Admission Regularization icon
  15. Pay for the regularization fee online
    Use your ATM card to pay for the JAMB regularization
  16. Fill out the online registration form
    Enter your correct details in the regularization application form
  17. Print out the JAMB indemnity form
  18. Submit the JAMB regularization indemnity form to your school
    Go to your school registrar’s office to submit your indemnity form
  19. Check your JAMB admission status
    Print out your admission letter
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JAMB regularization is an important process for graduates who need to correct any errors or discrepancies in their JAMB admission record. It is especially important for graduates who want to register for NYSC. If you need to apply for JAMB regularization, be sure to follow the steps outlined above and submit all of the required documents.

FAQs about JAMB Regularization for NYSC Registration & Mobilization

What happens if I don’t regularize my JAMB admission?

If you don’t regularize your JAMB admission, you will not be able to register for NYSC. This means that you will not be able to participate in the NYSC program and obtain your NYSC certificate.

How long does it take to process JAMB regularization?

The processing time for JAMB regularization varies depending on the volume of applications. However, it typically takes between 2 and 4 weeks for your application to be processed.

Can I apply for JAMB regularization while I’m still in school?

Yes, you can apply for JAMB regularization while you’re still in school. However, you will need to submit a letter from your institution confirming your admission.

What are the chances of my JAMB regularization being approved?

The chances of your JAMB regularization being approved are good, as long as you have submitted all of the required documents and your application is complete.

What should I do if my JAMB regularization is denied?

If your JAMB regularization is denied, you can contact JAMB to inquire about the reason for the denial. You may also be able to submit additional documentation to support your application.

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