Verify NMCN Nursing Certificate

Nurses who intend to work in the UK are required to verify and authenticate their certificate and licence with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN). The Nigerian nursing regulatory body does this to ensure that you are eligible to practice as a nursing professional.

How to Verify Your NMCN Nursing Certificate

happy nursing school students
happy nursing school students

You can verify and authenticate your NMCN nursing certificate and licence by applying through the NMCN online portal. Follow these steps.

1. First, you must complete the online Professional Update Form (PUF).

2. Visit the verification page and choose the nursing speciality you want to verify for.


The options available are general nursing, basic midwifery and mental health/psychiatric nursing.

3. Input your registration number and email address.

4. Choose your travel destination and proceed to the next page.

5. The next page will reveal your full name, gender, verification number and fee and payment options.


6. Select a payment method and input your payment details.

7. After payment, you will receive an email from NMCN. The email contains a link that will redirect you to the NMCN verification page where you will upload your licence and other documents.

After completing this process, you will get an email from the NMCN in a few days indicating that you’ve successfully enrolled for your Professional Update Form (PUF). This means NMCN has started working on your nursing certificate verification and authentication. You can track your verification on the NMCN website. The NMCN will send the verification to the UK within 3-5 weeks. Wait and keep your fingers crossed in anticipation of a positive response. That’s all you need to do to verify and authenticate your NMCN nursing certificate.

Verification of Certificate Requirements

To verify your NMCN nursing certificate, you must submit the following documents.

  • Application letter stating purpose and destination of verification request.
  • Completed verification form.
  • Current nursing licence.
  • Certificates of registration.
  • Birth certificate or declaration of age.
  • Payment receipt.

Authentication of Certificates Requirements

For authentication of your NMCN nursing certificate, you must provide:

  • Two (2) copies of each requirement for verification as stated above.
  • Payment receipt.

Verification and Authentication Fees

You will be required to pay some fees to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) as part of the verification and authentication process.

The verification fee is ₦66,875, while authentication costs ₦8,750. If you need a letter of good standing from the council, you will also pay ₦8,750.

This fee covers all the certificates you need to authenticate. Make sure you submit your payment receipts alongside other requirements.