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List of Accredited HSE Training Providers & Institute in Nigeria 2024


HSE stands for Health, Safety, and Environment. It is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses all aspects of protecting workers, the public, and the environment from workplace hazards. HSE professionals play a vital role in preventing accidents, injuries, and illnesses, and in ensuring that businesses operate in a sustainable manner.

Why is HSE training important?

HSE training is important for a number of reasons. First, it helps to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in the workplace. By understanding and managing hazards, workers can stay safe and productive. Second, HSE training helps to protect the environment from pollution and other forms of damage. Third, HSE training can help businesses to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Benefits of HSE training

The benefits of HSE training are numerous. For individuals, HSE training can lead to better job prospects, higher salaries, and increased career advancement opportunities. For businesses, HSE training can help to reduce costs associated with accidents, injuries, and illness. It can also help to improve employee morale and productivity, and to enhance the company’s reputation.


Who should take HSE training?

HSE training is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their industry or job title. However, it is especially important for people who work in hazardous environments, such as construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas. HSE training is also required for many jobs in the government and healthcare sectors.

How to choose an accredited HSE training provider

Clearing and forwarding agent
Clearing and forwarding agent

When choosing an HSE training provider, it is important to select one that is accredited by a recognized organization. This will ensure that the training meets high standards of quality and rigor. Some of the most respected HSE accrediting bodies include:

  • National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABTEB)
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • British Safety Council (BSC)

HSE Training Positions

  • Oil & Gas Safety & Health Professional
  • Oil & Gas Safety & Health Manager
  • Oil & Gas Safety & Health Supervisor
  • Oil & Gas Safety & Health Specialist
  • Oil & Gas Safety & Health Train-the-Trainer

Best accredited HSE training providers & institute in Nigeria

There are a number of accredited HSE training providers in Nigeria. Some of the most reputable providers include:

  • HSE Training Institute
  • WSO HSE Training
  • Novelle HSE Training and Consulting Center
  • OSHAcademy Nigeria
  • Safety Training Centre Nigeria

These providers offer a wide range of HSE training courses, from introductory courses to advanced certifications. They also have experienced and qualified instructors who can help students to learn and succeed.



What is the most popular HSE certification in Nigeria?

The most popular HSE certification in Nigeria is the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. This certification is recognized worldwide and is a valuable asset for HSE professionals.

What are the benefits of getting an HSE certification?

There are many benefits to getting an HSE certification. HSE certifications can help you to get a job, get a better job, or get a promotion. They can also help you to earn a higher salary and to advance your career. Additionally, HSE certifications can help you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to stay safe and healthy in the workplace.

How much does HSE training cost in Nigeria?

The cost of HSE training in Nigeria varies depending on the provider, the course, and the duration of the training. However, HSE training is generally affordable and the benefits are well worth the investment.

How long does it take to complete HSE training?

The length of time it takes to complete HSE training varies depending on the course and the provider. However, most HSE training courses can be completed in a few weeks or months.