Ghana University School Fees 2024

Embarking on your academic journey at Ghana University is an exciting step, but understanding the associated financial commitment is crucial. Whether you’re a Ghanaian resident or an international student, navigating the university’s fee structure can seem daunting. Worry not! This comprehensive guide will demystify Ghana University school fees for this academic year, equipping you with the knowledge to plan your finances effectively.

Ghana University School Fees

student group on laptop
student group on laptop

Ghana University categorizes fees based on your nationality:

Ghanaian students: Enjoy the most subsidized fees, typically ranging from GH₵2,586.50 to GH₵5,962 per semester.

West African nationals: Face slightly higher fees, averaging around $2,424 per semester.


Other African nationals: See fees typically around $3,042 per semester.

Non-African nationals: Have the highest fees, averaging around $3,970 per semester.

Ghana University School Fees in Naira

There are several universities in Ghana, but we will look at the most popular ones among Nigerian Students.

University of Ghana


Located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana, the University of Ghana is the oldest and largest public university in the country. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields. The school fees in Naira ranges from N300,000 To N1,000,000.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)

Located in Kumasi, the second-largest city in Ghana, KNUST is a public research university that specializes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. The school fees in Naira ranges from N250,000 To N1,000,000.

University of Cape Coast


Located in Cape Coast, a historic coastal town in central Ghana, the University of Cape Coast is a public university that specializes in education, health sciences, and the arts. The school fees in Naira ranges from N300,000 To N1,000,000.

Ashesi University

This university is located in Berekuso, a town in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Ashesi University is a private, non-profit liberal arts university that offers undergraduate degrees in business, computer science, engineering, and the arts. The school fees in Naira ranges from N100,000 To N300,000.

It’s worth noting that the fees of Ghanaian universities may vary depending on the program of study, level of study, and status (public or private) of the institution. Additionally, Ghana’s currency is the Ghanaian cedi (GHS), not the Nigerian Naira.


Beyond tuition, expect fees for:

  • Academic facilities like libraries and labs.
  • Examinations and registration processes.
  • Optional residential fees if you choose to stay on campus.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Don’t let fees discourage you! Explore scholarships offered by Ghana University, like the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship or the Distance Education Scholarship. Numerous external scholarships and financial aid resources are also available. Remember, researching these options can significantly ease your financial burden.

Additional Considerations

  • Fees are typically due before registration deadlines. Pay on time to avoid penalties.
  • Fee exemptions or waivers might be available under specific circumstances. Explore these options if applicable.
  • As with any cost, future fees might be subject to inflation. Consider this when budgeting.
  • Living in Accra, the university’s city, requires additional budgeting for housing, food, and transportation.


While Ghana University school fees require careful planning, the knowledge and resources provided here empower you to make informed financial decisions. Remember, The university experience at Ghana University offers an invaluable investment in your future. By understanding the fee structure, exploring financial aid options, and budgeting effectively, you can confidently navigate the financial aspect of your academic journey. Remember, numerous support systems are available to guide you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the university’s financial aid office or relevant scholarship organizations for further assistance.